Friday, January 14, 2011

René Descartes - Cogito ergo sum


I knew there are tans of my friends will post the same things as I am.
We're attend a design history class handled by Suzy Sulaiman. Mostly people knew her from Re-Cap.Google it fellas!!

So here I am to talk a little bit about our understanding from her 1st lesson.

René Descartes was born on March 31, 1596 in La Haye, France.Descartes become one of the most influential thinkers in human history,and is sometimes called the founder of modern philosophy.

                                                                               René Descarte

As for our class,we're exposed to his famous quote ~ Cogito ergo sum which means I Think , Therefore I Am. The quote derived from his Discourse on Method (1637) which is Descartes philosophy and autobiographical treatise.

From my understanding, during the French Revolutions,its lead to downfall of the French Monarchy. Therefore, city become such a damn hell living in chaos.

People are struggling without a proper luck which lead them to think without relying themselves to the monarchy of church. At that time,people had a learning process for being human as whole.They started to understand the feel to be oppress and rise up face the situation.
                                                     French Revolution

As a kick-start,they started to give a challenge for themselves to fulfill their imagination which coming from their steps to start the thinking progress. Therefore, they began to create an industrial revolutions where machines are created and their adorable things are made.They started to understand the meaning of supplies and demand.The human skill developed.The obsession are getting bigger.

At that time, they started to understand the important of irrigation, constructions, and infrastructure in an urban dwelling.The situation really gives some boom to help them generated their mindset.

See, from the timelines we could identify that there are some revolution in the way of people acts and think. They start to began the modernization and urbanization. Therefore, the needs becomes priority to be solve.As for design revolution, we could understand the time that influence the design culture.When it comes the needs,therefore there will be a design effort on it.

As we understand, our surrounding is full design.You absolutely can't deny about it.Even the fancy laptop or PC you are using right now to view this page are also created from design activities.

                              Even Coldplay using this painting for their latest album Viva la Vida

Therefore, hopefully it's not too hard for you to understand what is the relation between the french revolution,the Descartes quote and the design history.


p/s : lets Lily Eppows..!!

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